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Planning Principles

Deep integration of private and living blocks-wide (township) systems

Applicable both in multi-apartment living blocks and townships.

The main idea of «Intelligent housing estate concept » is a deep integration of house-wide (township) systems and services with internal for an apartment (cottage).

This concept is applicable both for multi-apartment living blocks and cottage townships. 

The construction of an intelligent housing estate is based on the application of modern solutions in the area of information technologies, digital audio and video systems and automation means.

Basic functions

I. Tenants get an access to the central services .

1. Touchscreen in every apartment enables to control an apartment (cottage) and simultaneously provides an access to general house (settlement) services  
- management of apartment or cottages (light, climate, blinds, audio and video) 
- video access to general services (restaurant, fitness, concierge, etc) 
- video intercom for unlimited number of entrances
- videophone connection to security and control room
- weather and weather forecast for next days
- guard panel – guard turning on and off, sensors’ layout
- rapid call to security, alarm trinkets (including for aged people)
- information messages of maintenance service

2. Single gigabit information network  
- for Internet 
- for telephony  
- for digital TV
- for access to a mediaserver

3. Central mediaserver (video and audio collection) 
- for storage of music  
- for films’ storage  
- a billing system of access payment is applied

4. Central information server for various services  
- traffic department  
- fitness/СПА 
- restaurant
- concierge

5. General digital guard TV (video surveillance)  
- tenants are able to see private image and hear sound from personal camcorders (entrance door, stair landing, parking place in garage) 
- tenants are able to get image from authorized public camcorders inside and outside room (children playground and sports ground, hall, playroom, etc.)

II. Maintenance services of a housing estate help tenants with apartments (cottages).

1. Central control panel for control over engineering systems in apartments (cottages) even when owners are away  
- intuitive touchscreens for control/management of all engineering systems  
- energy and water consumption calculation  
- control over ventilation and conditioning systems, temperature control in apartments (cottages) 
- control over open windows in apartments (cottages) in winter in the absence of owners  
- control over energy supply system (automatic protection control, remote de-energization of apartment (cottage) or separate chains) 
- control over water leakages and opportunity of remote blocking of water supply for apartments (cottages)

2. Central guard panel  
- intuitive touchscreens for security service  
- receiving signals from guard and fire alarm, pushing emergency buttons and trinkets in apartments (cottages) 
- general system of control and access registration combined with tenants’ intercoms

III. Premises. 

- control and access registration  
- intelligent control of watering
- intelligent control of illumination

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