Operation Procedure

Smart house system is constructed in few steps, some of them may be changed to fit the needs of the client. But generally it’s like that:

1. Meet the Client:
the client visits our show-room to see the smart house in work;
the client fills in a special equipment list;
the client provides us with the plans of the object;
the client is notified about the peculiarities of the object according to the plan.

2. Form the Estimate of Expenditures:
the estimate is corrected according to the material cost;
the functions are corrected according to the estimate.

3. Signing a Contract:
signing a contract for execution of work;
signing the schedule of work with the differentiation of responsibility zones.

4. Project Design Work Execution:
project draft presentation;
estimate and draft corrections;
detailed design discussion (cable paths, layout chart, schematic circuit, single-line diagram, concept note, specification, cable list).

5. Cabling:
cable path layout;
cable path preparation;
cabling diagnostics.

6. Erection of Equipment:
assembly and erection of control equipment;
erection of terminal equipment.

7. Equipment programming and check-out:
programming and system check-out according to the design;
systems functions test;
system functions correction according to the client wishes;
development of a manual for the equipment;
“smart house” control training.

8. Warranty Service and After-Warranty Service:
technicians visit in case of malfunction;
changes to the system work algorithm in case the client has new wishes or desires;
equipment and software modification as appropriate.


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