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Home Theatre


Home theater… It is a place where you can have a rest and get new impressions. Without any doubt it shouldn’t be simply good or just waste of your money. It should be a realization of a modern technical idea.

Modern electronics is our profession. We will create such home theater as you wish and even a bit better. Would you like to order a twelve-channel 8.4 format sound? Or maybe you would like to order a total digital system including amplifiers to avoid all possible interferences. Would you like to watch a digital DVD video on a digital plasma monitor without distortion? If other companies tell you that it’s impossible, contact us.

An ideal size for a home theater is a separate room. But you also can enjoy a sound and a picture without it. It’s up to you to decide whether you chose a plasma display panel or a projector but you always can depend on our most detailed consultations.

One of the most important home theater’s parts is a surround sound. A perfect decision is built-in the walls acoustic systems; but if you prefer onfloor acoustics we will propose polished aluminum speakers or speakers that are made of the best tree species.


Interiors with Home Theatre(InternetDom realization):


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