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Integrated solutions

The security of a modern home is based on three elements: burglar and fire alarm, video surveillance, access control.

In a smart home all these functions may be enriched by the integration with other systems. Here are some examples:

• The plan of the house is displayed on a touchscreen or plasma screen. It is displayed on the screen which sensor and where has gone off. The icons of videocams are also placed on the plan, push any one and you will get the image from it.
• When motion sensors go off, the street lighting turns on and videocams automatically turn sideways of the trespasser.
• When you leave the house, the touchscreen will show you where the window is not closed.
• When a trespasser enters the system will make necessary calls and make a noise warning.
• Under fire the ventilation is blocked to prevent the spreading of fire and smoke, the system of smoke removal is turned on.




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